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Fate: Karma and Fate Duet Book 2

When their past finally catches up to them...

Michael Infante has finally caught up to his little mouse and can’t wait to put her back in her tiny cage, where she belongs. She’s forgotten herself with that fleabag Caden James for a lover, she’ll need to be reminded, and as for Caden, he’ll be easy to get rid of. Rowan De Luca has fought her entire life against her sadistic brother, Michael, and intends to fight even harder against his twisted obsession. She now has a new love in her life, but will her traumatic past come back to bite her, or can she overcome it with Caden at her side?

Micah Murphy has lost every single family member she’s ever known at the hands of JC Sandoval, the leader of the notorious Los Lobos gang in Chicago. He has tormented her and followed her across the country, killing everyone she loves just to get even with her for leaving him and his gang. Their motto is “Blood in, blood out!” but will the blood that’s shed for the Los Lobos leader be hers?

Paperback and Hardcover Release: 11 Nov 2022

Kindle and Kindle Unlimited Release: 20 Nov 2022

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★★★★★ "From the start of the story, T. Kennington and C. Roth built suspense. The end of the story left me on edge. I have to know what is going to happen in the next book! The novel is full of suspense, with a vivid depiction of the emotional state of every character. The transitions between each person's point of view were smooth and the timeline of events was easy to follow. I recommend Karma to readers who enjoy a romantic story full of danger and realistic inner turmoil." -Stephanie Chapman for Readers' Favorite
"In the emotive novel Karma, co-authors T. Kennington and C. Roth unravel an engrossing mystery of two women running from a traumatic past of violence and addiction. The third-person perspective successfully cultivates a cagey tone, drawing readers into this decidedly dark take on romance, and the climactic plot makes for a gripping read." Self-Publishing Review, ★★★★

Meet the authors

T. Kennington

I am an avid reader of Romance novels, but my first passion is writing.  I've been writing in some form or another since high school and enjoy the freedom to make my own world when I write.

C. Roth

I enjoy reading, delving into history, and traveling with my family to make new memories.  My first love is writing because it allows my mind to go anywhere it wants to with no restrictions.